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Our Home is Your Home at the
Center for a Brighter Tomorrow, PLLC

The Center was founded by Brook Sprayberry in 2015. Clinicians have been added based on their skills so that we can provide a full range of services. We chose our location because of the homey atmosphere that reflects our belief that therapy should take place in the most comfortable setting possible. We are a highly dedicated group of therapists who treat common problems that people seek counseling for, including:

  • Life Changes such as divorce, death of a loved one, or loss of a job.
  • Stresses of parenting and working with little support
  • Blended family problems
  • School problems such as bullying, little support from school, lack of resources
  • Tauma due to a natural disaster
  •  Social anxiety
  •  Sexual or physical abuse history
  •  Difficulty controlling temper
  •  Generalized anxiety problems
  •  Self injurious behaviors such as cutting
  •  Depression and low self esteem
  •  Attachment difficulties with children & parents due to adoption or childhood trauma

Through working consistently with a therapist, these problems can either totally resolve or become more manageable. I use emotion focused couples therapy when I work with couples. This approach has been empirically researched and proven to be an effective tool in creating a more connected relationship with your loved one. You can read more about it when you come in for an intake. It is also important to remember that I believe that to effectively work with children, the parents need to play an active role in the therapeutic process. The entire family unit can improve through continual parental education and communication. I am looking forward to working with motivated families who don’t mind a little homework outside of the therapy session!

If you have a special case that you would like to discuss or feel there is a certain need that could be addressed with counseling, please don’t hesitate to call. Brook & other providers at Center for a Brighter Tomorrow, PLLC accepts several forms of insurance and self pay. Call to confirm rates and insurance accepted.


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